New CEO and new Marketing Manager-Forest


On May 27th-2014, Göran Nyberg was appointed as a new CEO at Olofsfors AB and Gunnar Bygdén replaces Göran as new Marketing Manager-Forest from June 23rd.

Göran Nyberg, who worked in Olofsfors since 1990, was previously Marketing Manager-Forest within Olofsfors.

Gunnar Bygdén is the new Marketing Manager-Forest on Olofsfors from June 23rd, 2014 and replaces Göran Nyberg.

Gunnar Bygdén has been employed since 1999 as a forest technician/marketer tracks. Gunnar has his background in forestry. Responsible for such as, training, participating in forestry research/test projects with forest faculties and Skogsforsk.

Olofsfors AB works with manufacturing and sales within two business areas, tracks for forestry and construction equipment, and wear steel cutting edges and buckets. 

Olofsfors, which has 135 employees and a turnover of about 350 million, are included in P. Wikstrom J: r AB Group.

Olofsfors AB

Göran Nyberg/CEO

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